Industrial Automation and Control



Arrow Valley Automation Ltd was formed in 1993 by dedicated engineers with years of experience in Industrial Automation and Control.

The company’s core business is industrial automation systems, PLC/HMI/networking software, and the manufacture of control panels. We offer specialist knowledge in automated engineering solutions for a variety of industries – including Automotive, Food and Beverage and Material Handling.

For a number of years Arrow Valley Automation has been a system integrator and builder for IFM Electronic Ltd, carrying out design, manufacture, prototyping, installation and commissioning of ASI based control systems and CANBUS control systems for many mobile applications and many projects encompassing the IFM range of products.

Our engineers are constantly undergoing training to ensure that a wide variety of PLC’s and HMI’s can be programmed to the customer’s specifications, allowing us to provide you with a range of industrial automation solutions to suit your needs.

Design &


Our dedicated engineers will work with you throughout all stages of the electrical design, manufacture, installation and commission of the product.



Automation & Control

Bringing automated systems into the factory environment that introduces speed and precision to all factory processes, enhancing productivity and reliability.

Mobile Machines

Producing modern systems to bring automation to vehicles, allowing tasks to be carried out efficiently and safely.

Materials Handling

Creating systems that allow the continued clean and safe handling of all types of materials, from foods through to plastics and metals.

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