Industry Sectors

AVA LtdIndustry Sectors

At Arrow Valley Automation we work throughout various industries. Throughout each Industrial Control Sector, we can provide the latest PLC’s, HMI’s and controls in order to provide panels and systems that are easy to use and user friendly.

Ranging through all the processes of factory automation from picker arms to packing plants, we can update or electrical design and produce systems that will control your equipment to increase efficiency and reduce errors. Our systems can feedback system settings to monitoring systems on HMI’s or your computer systems, whilst controlling the system to ensure safety with minimal downtimes.

We work throughout the mobile machines industry on various vehicles, from lorries to tractors, producing panels that control and monitor your equipment to ensure that equipment is secure and that the running system is efficient and safe to use. In order to keep the panels discreet we provide sealed panels which can be mounted anywhere to suit your vehicle and can provide looms to connect from the panel to your equipment.

Materials Handling can range from Lab cleaning facilities through to the handling of food products or the processing of wood boards for cutting or chipping. In these systems we strive to ensure that all health and safety standards are met to ensure products are clean and safe for the end user. We work to produce systems that will provide the best hygiene whilst maintaining efficiency and reliability.

Factory Automation


These products are produced in order to automate factory processes, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing production errors.

Mobile Industry

We work with various different types of vehicles throughout the mobile industry ranging from tractors to lorries, offering solutions to ensure that systems are correctly fitted and that health and safety in the environment is maintained.


Material Handling


Providing a means to handle materials in a clean, yet efficient manner; to complete tasks quickly and meet industry standards.