AVA LtdServices

At arrow valley automation we pride ourselves with a high quality of control panel manufacture that meet customer requirements and exceeds their expectations.

We work throughout various industries which require automated services, producing bespoke systems and panels of different sizes and shapes, using the latest PLC’s and industry parts.

Each panel and system is tested using bespoke in house test rigs and procedures.

We can use a wide range of PLC’s and controllers which are selected either by the customer or by our engineers to suit the customer’s needs.

In order to do so we offer a range of services:

  • Product design and procurement
  • Control Panel manufacture and wiring
  • System design and build
  • Software design, production and refinement
  • Assemblies and looms
  • Commissioning

Control Panels


This build only consists of the panel, we will work to the drawings and specifications to order to necessary parts and create a panel which looks aesthetically pleasing and meets the functionality of the customer’s requirements.

Our engineers will work with you to create a specification, design electrical CAD drawings, mechanical CAD drawings and produce a panel to suit your needs.

If your product needs to be kept discreet, we can also produce panels from electrical and mechanical drawings.

We offer single panel builds and multiple order builds for larger projects.

Control Systems

A control system’s production can consist of and is not limited to the control panels, operator panels, panel looms and sensor looms. We work to produce a system that is fully functional with the necessary environment and test the system before dispatching to ensure its functionality.

We use industry standard and IP rated panels in order to ensure that the correct panel is selected for your environment.

For systems that may already be installed we can offer maintenance and repair to ensure that your system keeps running.

For outdated systems we offer an updating service where we can assess your current system and produce the necessary panels and/or looms to replace the outdated ones.

Electrical Assemblies

At Arrow Valley Automation we can offer a wide range of assembly and looming solutions using industry standard connectors, whilst offering various methods of communication including CAN, RS232 and more.

All tested on in-house test rigs to ensure products meet the specifications.